About Us


Out There Design & Mosaic

Has been created by two women who had way too much fun fiddling around with tiny pieces of tile to simply call it a hobby. Chess (Francessca) has a Bachelor Of Arts in Design and jumps happily between a variety of mediums including painting, etching, pen and ink, sculpture, jewellery, bead work and mosaic, creating whatever takes her whim for that moment.

Vick is the patient, methodical one, able to leap tall buildings…( whoops, wrong line) cuts and prepares all the substrates, ensures the grouting is perfect and is brilliant at the tiny fiddly ceramic work. She happily works for hours finding just the right piece and colour for that tricky spot, long after Chess has left and is already immersed into another project, leaving a trail of tiles in her wake. Vick also creates our range of Earth Books, that have become so popular.

Together Chess and Vick blend ideas with enthusiasm and fun in creating unique colourful moasic and art for you to enjoy.

“Creating artworks is the ‘zen’ in our life. It has the most wonderful calming effect, channeling ones thoughts while focusing on lines and colour, the flow of paint, the fitting of mosaic tesserae together and working with a range of materials and ideas. To sit over a piece we are working on is almost like being on holidays, chatting, laughing and enjoying the ‘creating’ as the day happily floats by.

The grouting stage is messy, but very special ( …. and usually Vick’s area of expertise). This is the time the archaeologist in us comes out as you wipe away the black grout to reveal the beautiful tile colours.

Our hobby turned into a small business about 2006 and since then we have also branched into mosaic classes, jewellery and Earth books as well as the ever changing ideas, projects & commissions for our mosaic creations. We love new challenges and creating special pieces, so feel welcome to contact us if you have an idea you would like to discuss with us to create a unique mosaic piece for you, or would like to arrange a mosaic get together with friends ”

You can find us on the 4th Sunday of the month at Artists in the Vines Markets at Cassegrains Winery, Port Macquarie.

Our jewellery is also available at
* More Than Crystals and Books, in Cameron St, Wauchope, NSW
* Peppa’s Business , in Victoria St, Taree, NSW